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    MobiPlanet is a subscription service offering users unlimited access to the MobiPlanet content library whereby unlimited content and downloads may be accessed/downloaded. The service is free for the first day and then charged at £4.50/week thereafter. Network charges may apply. The above is an example (or examples) of many items available on MobiPlanet. Whilst UME Ltd aim to target advertising accurately and accordingly, there is a possibility that the above item/s are not compatible with some users' handsets. By utilising this service, consumers accepts that the above item/s may not be compatible. In such cases, users will be fully entitled to access similar or alternative items, including but not limited to Applications, Games, Ringtones, Images and Animations. By using this service you permit UME Ltd and its partners to contact you with related offers. Send stop to 83463 to unsubscribe at any time. For help call 02039121216 or email info.uk@umelimited.com
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